Hardware Specs

  • Tegra 3 — Quad-core processor
  • 8 GB on-board flash
  • HDMI connection to the TV at 1080p HD
  • WiFi 802.11bgn
  • Bluetooth LE 4.0
  • Enclosure opens with standard screws

As the console is only $99, you certainly can’t complain you’re not getting bang for your buck, as this nifty little piece of hardware is sporting a powerful quad-core processor and respectible amount of RAM for a gaming console.

  • Wireless controller with 2.4Ghz RF
  • Standard game controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button)
  • Touchpad, for porting mobile games more easily
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Enclosure opens with standard screws

This sleekly design controller with chrome finish will be familiar with gamers as it has the same ergonomic design as other popular consoles and similar positioning of analog sticks, action buttons and d-pad.

OS and software
  • Android 4.0
  • Custom TV UI
  • Integrated custom game store — find and download games (and other apps)
  • Includes SDK for game development
  • Ability to root device without voiding warranty

Its Android OS means that it is compatible with apps, meaning there is much potential for game ports to fill up the store on release. Ouya are in talks with other potential partners, that would transform the store into a media center including TwitchTV, allowing you to watch their sports broadcasts on your TV through your OUYA.