So exactly how do you pronounce ‘OUYA’?

One question that is on everyone’s lips is exactly how does one pronounce ‘OUYA’. Well, the news just in is that Julie Uhrman, who’s birthday is today, has released what is to be the opening welcome sound-bite that will greet users when you boot up the console as a present to the community. Here it is:

  • artemis
  • Bradley Sadulski

    Sounds pretty rawww.

  • glenn

    Does absolutely nothing for me…I was hoping for and “AWWWWYEA thing…this sounds like a bunch of pygmies getting ready to light the caldron?…

  • Sean Wholesome Oleson

    Just no. This is a small sleek device that should really portray new generations of gaming, not a false sense of excitement

  • Pog Pig

    LOL thought it was gonna be “oh-yaawha”

  • Pog Pig